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          On July 30, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting to analyze and study the current economic situation and plan economic work for the second half of the year. The meeting pointed out that the implementation of macro policies should be ensured. To ensure that a series of macroeconomic policies introduced by the central government are effective, we must implement a combination of policies. We need to strengthen coordination and coordination of macroeconomic policies, and ensure that fiscal and monetary policies integrate with employment, industrial, and regional policies. This year, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, China's macroeconomic performance has improved month by month in the face of the unexpected COVID-19 epidemic. The economic structure has been continuously optimized, and overall economic and social stability has been maintained. Among them, science, rationality, Who's buying weird ice cream? Ten yuan a "high cold" ice cream sell well? Ji 'nan people eat ice cream, not just a picture of "quench one's thirst"

      Provincial department of Finance, the relevant person in charge said that this year I province policy agricultural credit guarantee mainly show four characteristics: one is to highlight the small policy positioning of supporting agriculture. RMB 100,000 for a single family; The scale of guaranteed loans of 3 million yuan is 18.171 billion yuan, accounting for 98.3% of the total guarantee business. There are 49,700 agricultural credit guarantee projects, with an average guarantee amount of 370,000 yuan per household, reflecting the policy and inclusive orientation of agricultural credit guarantee. Second, we will focus on ensuring the safety of important agricultural products. In the first half of this year, loans for planting and breeding important agricultural products such as grain and pigs reached 10.647 billion yuan, accounting for 57.6% of the total. Among them, grain & LDquo; Agricultural credit & throughout; A total of 2,817 new guarantee projects with an amount of 945 million yuan were added. & other; Pig breeding loan & Rdquo; An additional 1,246 projects with a total amount of 646 million yuan were guaranteed. Third, the whole process of risk prevention and control should be highlighted. In the first stage, the target customer group is screened from multiple dimensions through in-depth investigation of industrial clusters and industrial chains. In the stage of preserving the middle and the rear, through & LDquo; Big data. The model realizes the cross-validation of various guarantee information and continuously reduces the guarantee risk. Fourth, we will give high priority to fiscal policy support. The provincial finance halved the premium charged for the newly increased guarantee business during the epidemic period, and raised the discount rate by 1 percentage point, greatly reducing the burden on agricultural operators. So far, 21.056 billion yuan of concessional secured loans have been provided to 55,200 new-type agricultural business entities.   The political and legal system will start with the practical problems that enterprises are most concerned about and play a good role. Legal orderly; & other; Policy counselors; & other; Risk control personnel. & other; Government and enterprise liaison; To help enterprises to solve the trouble, trouble, worry. At the same time, it will strengthen the linkage between the upper and lower levels, strengthen the law enforcement and judicial protection, comprehensive crackdown and strike, urge and encourage the strength of security, using political law. The hard work index. Win enterprises & LDQuo; Satisfaction index. And economic & other; Development index. . 

      From January to July, A total of 3.434 million Passenger vehicles were sold by Chinese brands, down 25% year on year and accounting for 36.0% of the total passenger vehicle sales, with a share of 3.2 percentage points lower than that of the same period last year. Among the major foreign brands, Japanese passenger car sales fell slightly compared with the same period last year, while other foreign brands all saw double-digit declines. From January to July, The market share of Chinese brand cars, SUVs and MPVS was 18.3 percent, 47.9 percent and 66.7 percent respectively, still showing a downward trend compared with the same period last year. From January to July, the top ten car manufacturers sold 3.254 million cars, accounting for 73.2% of the total sales volume of cars. Among the top 10 car makers by sales volume, BMW Brilliance posted a slight increase in sales compared with the same period last year, while GaC Toyota, FAW Toyota, Dongfeng And Beijing Benz saw slightly lower declines, while other companies all showed double-digit declines.  With less stress, you're more able to focus on your research and focus on your products. Currently, they are launching a natural lipsticks with vegetable oils, and the team is attracting more partners. There are three graduates in the company this year, and some younger students have become partners. Throughout the &; Cai Yushui. Guangzhou has introduced a series of policies to encourage entrepreneurship and employment. Among them, & other; Promote employment. The 2.0 version of the subsidy for promoting employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates expanded the scope and standard of the subsidy: the subsidy standard for job-hunting and entrepreneurship will be raised from 2,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan per person from the class of 2021; We will extend primary employment subsidies and social insurance subsidies for small and micro businesses to college graduates within two years of graduation. Qualified college graduates will be given a guaranteed loan of up to 300,000 yuan for starting their own business. Luo Wenzhi and his entourage then came to the xili Street people's Congress house, for the people's Congress system publicity base unveiled. According to the plan, during the activity month of deputies to the People's Congress, the standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress will add the sign of "Preaching base of the system of people's Congress" in the 12 "houses of deputies to the People's Congress" with many activities and complete working mechanism to preach the system of people's Congress and the work of people's Congress "to the general public. At present, these propaganda bases have been successively listed. Luo wenzhi affirmed the work of the Nanshan District People's Congress. He stressed that people's congresses at all levels and their standing committees should integrate the people-centered development philosophy into all aspects of the NPC's work, actively respond to the concerns of the society, and consciously accept the supervision of the people. We will make the building of NPC deputies' homes, COMMUNITY liaison stations and contact points an important starting point for advancing the work of people's congresses at the community level and promoting standardization of the work of people's congresses at the community level, constantly improve the platform for performing their duties, and take the work of NPC deputies to a new level. We should give full play to the role of the system of people's congresses as a publicity base, tell the stories of people's congresses well, and strive to make the system of people's congresses more popular. & have spent In addition, since last year, jiuyang, Jianguo, Mingchuangyoupin and other retail enterprises have teamed up with spokesmen or popular IP, launched blind box products, brand marketing; Want Want Group, a leisure food and beverage company, launched 56 ethnic versions of Wangzai milk, which were sold in blind boxes. Catering brand Xiabu Xiabu launched 2,600 limited-edition blind boxes nationwide in collaboration with six characters from the movie "The Climber". & hellip; For the tide play the market, the current line is still the main sales channel. Take Bubble Mart as an example. In terms of sales channels, its products mainly reach consumers in retail stores, online channels and robot stores. As of July this year, it had 160 offline direct-sale stores and more than 1,000 robot stores. These shops are distributed in the main business circle of the first and second tier cities in China. From 2017 to 2019, online channels accounted for 9.4 percent, 20 percent and 32 percent, respectively, while offline channels always accounted for a larger proportion, according to its prospectus.

           In 2019, Ausnow's salted egg yolk ice cream exploded in popularity and gained a certain popularity in the national market. Dongbei iron pot stew, an ice cream flavored with meat floss, milk and chives, is a new flavor introduced this year by Yingkou Aoxue Food Co., LTD. In the ice cream bar, practitioners discovered in January that other manufacturers were copying and following the trend of producing northeast iron stews, trying to take a gamble on new flavors. In the freezer at Hualen, there are Also The red velvet ice cream, coconut ash ice cream and red beef nut ice cream. Ice cream and web celebrity ice cream with plum tangerines are also on the list. In a salesman's impression, this special display web celebrity flavor ice cream freezer is mostly young people patronize.  


      Science knows no borders and innovation knows no bounds. Digital infrastructure is the embodiment of China's emphasis on scientific and technological innovation in recent years. Economist Christian Middot at the Cologne Institute for Economic Research in Germany; According to Lusher, China's r&d spending will reach 2.17 trillion yuan in 2019, accounting for 2.19 percent of GDP, and the contribution of scientific and technological progress will reach 59.5 percent. & other; Thanks to the attention and investment, many outstanding innovative enterprises have emerged in China, and Both Germany and German companies have benefited a lot from cooperation. Throughout the &; China's BDS can provide high-precision and highly reliable positioning, navigation and timing services to all kinds of users around the world around the clock. It has been widely used in various industries such as transportation, agriculture, fishery, disaster reduction and relief, etc. Asean, South Asia, Eastern Europe, West Asia and Africa have joined the BDS one after another. Circle of friends & throughout; Shared outcomes and win-win cooperation.      

      On July 30, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting to analyze and study the current economic situation and plan economic work for the second half of the year. The meeting pointed out that the implementation of macro policies should be ensured. To ensure that a series of macroeconomic policies introduced by the central government are effective, we must implement a combination of policies. We need to strengthen coordination and coordination of macroeconomic policies, and ensure that fiscal and monetary policies integrate with employment, industrial, and regional policies. This year, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, China's macroeconomic performance has improved month by month in the face of the unexpected COVID-19 epidemic. The economic structure has been continuously optimized, and overall economic and social stability has been maintained. Among them, science, rationality,   Recently, Pinduoduo launched a new product called & LDQuo; How tide & throughout; WeChat small program, the small program developed by pinduoduo main company Shanghai dream information technology co., LTD., positioning is to provide a platform for young people to view the trend of goods and exchange. Industry insiders believe that pinduoduo, as a pinduoduo, can attract more young users and gain more market share of pinduoduo by building a community of fans of fashion games. Under the multi - layout, Pinduoduo also achieved real results. In the online & other; Video game section & throughout; For example, the data shows that by the end of this activity, it has attracted more than 200,000 young consumers in accumulatively. Meanwhile, the activity has driven the sales of toys, games and other digital entertainment products on the platform to increase by more than 340%. Pinduoduo has also begun to become the most concerned e-commerce platform for popular players and 2-dimensional groups. There are 80 nature reserves, scenic spots, geological parks, wetland parks, and forest parks in Our city. In addition, the construction of the Yellow River ecological landscape belt has been started. We are the first in the province to eliminate the inferior five types of water bodies, and the soil environmental monitoring has achieved full coverage at the county level. Since the first half of this year, the air quality has improved by 16.6% compared with the same period last year, and 35 black and smelly water bodies have been renovated in the built-up areas. All the sections of the 10 national and provincial controlled rivers have met or exceeded the water quality targets except Muli Village of Xiaoqing River. As provincial capital & LDQuo; The back garden & throughout; The natural endowments of the southern mountainous areas are excellent. Ecological tourism and ecological agriculture have become the symbols of the southern mountainous areas. At the 11th Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Municipal Committee, Throughout south & control; Upgrade to & other; Throughout South America &; We will make greater efforts to protect the ecology of the southern mountain areas. Jinan and Tai 'an are connected by Mount Tai, with similar customs and similar culture. The main urban areas of the two cities are only more than 70 kilometers apart, which is the two nearest cities in the provincial capital economic circle. Landscape sage. The core city of Chinese Culture axis. It takes only 12 minutes to travel between the two cities by high-speed rail, and the Jitai expressway, which will open this year, will be accessible by car in 28 minutes. It can be said that Jinan and Tai 'an have a good basis for the development of urban integration and advantages. Prior to the cooperation meeting with Taian, Jinan has been cooperating with Zibo, Liaocheng, Dongying and Binzhou to promote the integrated development of the provincial capital economic circle. Implementing the integrated development of the provincial capital economic circle is an important decision made by the Provincial Party Committee and provincial government to implement the national strategy of ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin and promote the high-quality development of the shandong Peninsula city cluster. Within the economic circle of the provincial capital, seven municipal districts cover an area of more than 60,000 square kilometers, with a permanent resident population of 36.282 million, A GDP of 2.6449 trillion yuan, and a general public budget revenue of 235.85 billion yuan by 2019. All the cities within the provincial capital economic circle are among the top 100 cities in China, with relatively balanced development, concentrated resource elements such as policy, capital, science and education, and human resources, and prominent regional competitive advantages. 7, & other; Unity throughout the &; Development is conducive to complementing and promoting each other's advantages, optimizing resource allocation to the greatest extent, promoting coordinated development and rational division of labor, and accelerating the rise of provincial capitals' economic circles.

      In addition, the online education industry is also facing. Sinking difficult & throughout; The problem. & other; At present, 80 per cent of students in most online education companies are concentrated in first and second-tier cities, but according to our big data of students, primary and secondary school students in third-tier and below cities also have a strong thirst for quality education resources. Throughout the &; Work to help the relevant person in charge said. As schools reopen and offline education and training institutions resume, students and parents' demand for online education will become more rational, and it is unclear how many users they will retain, experts said. For the online education industry, this is not only a battle between capital and technology, but also a return to education itself. Long haul & throughout; , depending on the course quality, teaching ability and technical strength. How much pattern, how much achievement. Only perseverance & ldQuo; Go out & throughout; To actively participate in regional integrated development and learn from each other in an open and inclusive manner. Only in this way can Jinan achieve steady growth and speed up its rise! Zhang Hongcai, who is responsible for interior decoration, took 3 employees to transform waterways. He worked from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., and finally transformed the water pipes after 4 days of intensive work. Circuit modification is not easy either. There are railroad tracks near the building, and underground cables and pipelines are dense. Zhao Dong, who is responsible for the transformation of the power system, said: To protect the equipment, we had to lie on our hands and knees and check the pipes carefully when we buried the poles. Time is tight, the task is urgent, we race against time, not a complaint. Throughout the &; At the same time, with the closure of abuja, staff members went door to door with special passes to buy materials from businesses. Other project departments of the company also quickly sent much-needed supplies: The Abuja Terminal project department sent scaffolding, floor paint and cables; Kano project sent a medical screen; The operations department dug out the plumbing materials from the warehouse. & other; In order to build the disinfection room of steel structure, we tore down the original security room and finally gathered the building materials & Hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Zhang GUI, who was in charge of the new disinfection room, recalled. At present, the arrival of the new infrastructure and a new round of pickup lift ban tide continue to promote, let pickup consumer market heat continues to increase. Despite the impact of the epidemic in the first half of this year, but the pickup market is still bullish. But with the gradual landing of the six policies, and the growing trend of the pickup truck riding, resulting in the pickup truck development and manufacturing costs, the price is also rising. Therefore, the growing demand of consumers and the increasing price of pickup trucks has become an important contradiction in the current pickup market. Faced with this topic, the Yellow Sea pickup truck, which is well known for its solid chassis and complete categories, gave the answer. & ndash; Only by following the market trend, solving the market pain points, creating a rich configuration, cost-effective quality pickup truck can get more consumers' favor. The 21st Session of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress deliberated on the relevant bills proposed by the State Council at the request of the chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in accordance with the law, and passed the decision on the continuation of the functions and duties of the sixth Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region by a vote Thursday. For Hong Kong because of the outbreak delayed the 7th of the legislative council election and legislative vacancy, the standing committee of the National People's Congress from the constitutional level resolved in a timely manner, to ensure that the dc power authority and social order normal operation to provide a solid guarantee, society to fight disease and revive the economy of Hong Kong has important and urgent practical significance. The central government has effectively safeguarded the constitutional and legal order of the SAR established by the Constitution and the Basic Law, which fully embodies its sincere love and responsibility for protecting Hong Kong.

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