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      & other; Billions of industrial projects have failed, leaving 5,000 mu of land uncultivated. , Dushan County in Guizhou has borrowed 40 billion yuan to carry out image project, the aftereffect is not smooth, Sichuan Bazhong rise again. On August 9, Bazhou District released a statement on "Ten thousand mu of Land left behind in Sichuan Bazhong Multi-billion Industry Project", which explained that the media exposed the project land and project schedule, including the industrial development experience. Intestinal obstruction & throughout; And so on, partly inconsistent with the actual situation. The unfinished image project has become a fact, the urgent matter is to think of ways, measures to reduce the loss to the minimum. The fact that so much land is left uncultivated shows that local governments are out of touch with reality in the exercise of public power. & other; Rdquo; RDquo; The rectification of the storm should also blow from now on, to seek truth from facts to do revision, down-to-earth to correct mistakes. We should actively explore the possibility of reusing some idle resources and explore various ways to make up for the loss. Recently, Kunming covers an area of nearly 2000 acres of the big southwest Sea in the end of nearly 7 years by Shanghai enterprises & LDQuo; Flange & throughout; , start the follow-up development, can be regarded as a reference. The activity lasted for two months, invited more than 10 groups of domestic famous bands such as second-hand Rose, Shaman band, Nine Treasure band, Tomahawk Band, Crazy Doctor band, Snow sank band, please pay more attention to the band, as well as the top 100 DJ Club chart famous DJ love to join. The activity sets new ways of play every week, the theme of the week is different, there are water gun bubble party, balloon party, national tide night, green campus, masque dance party and other ways of play, the dance is cool, a strong cast, diversified content, as soon as it is launched, it has attracted music fans and tourists from all over the country. On August 1, Yuntai Mountain electric music ushered in the second rock and roll night, jiubao band, Crazy doctor band, honey band and electric music diva UKI appeared to add code. A string of strong rhythm, a restless song, lit up the enthusiasm of people in the place, cheering, waving flags and Shouting, set off a burst of music frenzy. According to the report, yuntai Mountain has also launched a series of welfare activities around e-syllables. For example, 2020 Yuntai Mountain Annual pass users will enjoy a special discount of 50 yuan per person, with the original price of 78 yuan per person on Friday and Saturday. Launched the # Yuntai Mountain Electronic Douyin Challenge on Douyin Platform, with more than 50 prizes including mobile phones and cash waiting for you to win. Jointly with Euler Automobile co., LTD., the lucky draw activity of "Buy tickets and give cars" was held. On the evening of August 1, amid cheers at the scene of the electric syllables, Ms. Wang of Jiaozuowen County, Henan province, who was the lucky winner of the first round of "car delivery", was given the right to use an Euler new energy vehicle for a year. According to the staff, the second round of lucky draw will be held on the evening of August 22. Anyone who buys a ticket to yuntai mountain on August 22 will have the chance to get a free euler new energy vehicle.     

       "We have found that some attentive parents will provide the doctor with a recording or video of their child coughing. This gives the doctor a visual understanding of the child's condition, which is very helpful for the diagnosis and treatment of the child."     

       Zou Jie, on behalf of the district Party Committee and the district government, first of all extended a warm welcome to the delegation of Xi Cha to nanming District for investigation and exchange, and expressed heartfelt thanks to the municipal Bureau of Commerce for its long-term care, support and help for the economic and social development of Nanming District. He said that since its inception, Xi Cha has won the favor of many consumers, thanks to the tea. Good brand & throughout; , & other Good location & throughout; , & other Taste good & throughout; , & other The marketing model is good. And & other Good strategic vision. , promoting the tea brand on the development of the fast lane. Zou said that Nanming District will create the best conditions, create the best environment, provide the best services and actively promote the implementation of bilateral cooperation content as soon as possible. It is hoped that with this signing as a new starting point, the two sides will further deepen exchanges and cooperation, continuously expand the scope and scale of cooperation, and achieve mutual benefit, win-win situation and common development at a higher level.  Near noon in the deep bamboo forest of Dameyu Village in Kunming, Yunnan province, laughter is heard from time to time from inside the walled mud wall. As I pushed through the door, a group of children of all ages sat in groups of two or three, sketching on blueprints, preparing for the final outcome of their summer camp. The children come from all over the country to jointly create picture books of rural architecture by experiencing rural life and collecting folk historical stories. Their classroom is Moyu Village School, founded by Wu Chen, a "new villager" from Beijing. "New villagers" is the village to the big Moyu village home of outsiders collectively. Damoyu Village, located in the Xishan district of Kunming city, is a century-old yi village. Since 2015, "new villagers" have been moving into the village. They learn traditional culture and life skills from "old villagers" and bring new ideas to traditional villages. Since July, the A-share market has maintained A high turnover, with the turnover exceeding A trillion yuan in 20 trading days, which has led to A sharp rise in the brokerage and self-management businesses of securities companies. With the implementation of a number of reform measures, such as the registration system on the GEM board, the new Third Board selected tier, and the new refinancing rules, equity financing continued to maintain a steady growth, providing a strong driving force for the brokerage investment banking business.

      What to do this summer? Take a turn to Yuntai Mountain scenic spot! Yuntai Mountain electric Syllables, which lasted for two months, officially opened on July 17 in yuntai Mountain. Since its inception, the e-syllables have received extensive attention and participation from all walks of life in China. The hot topic on the Internet has reached 200 million times, dominating the hot spots in the whole Central Plains region! It is understood that the Yuntai Mountain electronic syllables colorful activities, surprises. Yuntai mountain scenic area in yuntai mountain shore town 30000 square meters of electric syllables, elaborate the scene not only have up to 30 meters cool mecha stage, the future soldier mecha laser show, the only existing huge fire burning man people, dream, fan interactive billboard lights camp, food is also equipped with a 120 - meter blocks and creative bazaar, fully meet the various needs of tourists in beer and skittles.  It is understood that volunteers in the early stage of the competition will actively participate in the public welfare practice of urban and rural community development and governance based on the needs of citizens for voluntary services. During the games, they will serve as volunteers in the city. Face & throughout; , to provide consulting services, traffic guidance, maintenance of order around venues and other voluntary services for the games, so as to promote the efficient operation of the games. At the recruitment station, citizens can scan the QR code to register as urban volunteers for the Universiade. After completing the registration, they can also choose to participate in different types of volunteer service projects according to their own skills and actual needs through the registration platform. At the same time, the recruitment station every day volunteers carry out the universiade culture, volunteer spirit and other publicity. However, the Chinese government has also taken some measures. For example, we still need to talk to the US side, and we should pay more attention to other parts of the world. Europe, The US, Japan, Asia, Africa and Latin America still have a lot to work with. Now that we are a big economy, and may be a high-income economy in a few years, we can rely more on domestic demand to support growth, but that doesn't mean foreign demand isn't important. Relatively speaking, both at home and abroad are important, but the domestic sector can play a bigger role. What impact will fluctuations in China-Us relations have on the world economy? On August 10, relativity's "Ministerial Talk: Do it later this year!" In the fifth issue, I talked with Yi Gang, Huang Yiping and Wen Bin. An economic clash between the world's two largest economies is definitely not a good thing for the world economy. The United States is a highly open and technologically advanced economy, while China is a rapidly developing and highly open economy. Therefore, it is certainly not a good thing for our next economic development. People are concerned about the issue of China's industrial chain. If economic conflicts continue in the future, the uncertainty of the industrial chain will increase. I often say that high tariffs are terrible, but the uncertainty of policy is even more terrible. Entrepreneurs have the means to cope with high tariffs, but when a government doesn't know what to do next, whatever it takes is going to hit you, and our economic future is so uncertain, it's going to be very difficult.

      Since July, the A-share market has maintained A high turnover, with the turnover exceeding A trillion yuan in 20 trading days, which has led to A sharp rise in the brokerage and self-management businesses of securities companies. With the implementation of a number of reform measures, such as the registration system on the GEM board, the new Third Board selected tier, and the new refinancing rules, equity financing continued to maintain a steady growth, providing a strong driving force for the brokerage investment banking business. On August 11, Ming district party committee, deputy secretary of the district people's government district Huang Chenghong chaired a nanming district people's government of party's 17th (expand) meeting, communicate learning xi jinping in jilin as general secretary and entrepreneurs in the symposium's important speech spirit, the conference, the central politburo standing committee of the political bureau of the central committee meeting spirit, provincial party committee twelve seven session spirit, provincial party committee, the provincial and municipal party committee, municipal government and district party committee related conference spirit, study the implementation of the measures. Meeting requirements, to grasp the specific in-depth, do a good job. Six stability & throughout; Work, implement comprehensively Six confirmed & throughout; Task. First, we will spare no effort to meet the annual economic development targets. Nanming GDP ranked the province during the first half of the second, the city's first, but compared with other district (county) gap is very small, in the second half of the target task of economic development is very important, should fully understand the situation clearly, laying solid foundation business development, strengthen the guidance of relevant departments and enterprises, training, to ensure that the system should do system, grain storehouse, to ensure steady economic growth and development of our high-end consumption lead in the development zone in guiyang area play a good role; To strengthen the work of fixed investment, it is necessary to reverse the construction period of the project, focus on the construction progress, and earnestly complete the project formalities. Vacancy management. To ensure that the project construction does not lose time in the formalities, and do a good job of project warehousing, for next year to do a good job of support; To accelerate the progress of land purchase and storage, we should do our best to accelerate the pace of land purchase and storage in accordance with laws and regulations, comprehensively sort out the work of land transfer, make scientific and reasonable plans for land plots, and promote the high-quality economic development of the whole region. Second, we should do everything possible to serve the development of enterprises. Earnestly implement the general secretary xi in entrepreneurship symposium's important speech spirit, the implementation of good support for corporate bail-outs and supporting policies, actively help enterprises solve the rent, tax and social security, the respect such as financing difficulties, actively promote the entrepreneurial spirit, to encourage more social main body in entrepreneurial innovation, better stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of all kinds of market main body, and actively do a good job in the enterprise service actively help support the development of the enterprise and build close business relationship. Third, we will strengthen our work to ensure and improve people's wellbeing. In terms of employment, we should do everything possible to stabilize existing employment, actively increase new employment, and promote the re-employment of the unemployed. In terms of education, we should continuously consolidate the existing educational foundation, make up the shortcomings of educational infrastructure, focus on strengthening the training of teachers and talents, and start the education in Nanming District as soon as possible. 14 or 15 & throughout; Planning, promote the whole educational cause to upgrade, make the brand of Nanming basic education, and polish the name card of Nanming education; In terms of medical treatment, we should firmly seize the policy opportunity, accelerate the implementation and effectiveness of the project, and strive to make up the weak points of medical and health care in our district. In social security, we will improve social security, ensure that people with special difficulties have access to subsistence allowances, and ensure that people with financial difficulties have access to basic living expenses. Housing should be in accordance with the requirements of the city and the work plan of my district, grasp solid grasp well. The three-sense community. Community service centers for the aged should be implemented as soon as possible in the construction, renovation of old residential areas and renovation of back streets. Fourth, we will effectively strengthen prevention of major risks. We will tighten the chain of safety production at all times, do a good job of dynamic screening, sort out and solve the problems existing in the recent period of risk prevention as soon as possible, nip potential safety hazards in the bud, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of serious and major accidents.  Starting from their hometowns, writers construct their own literary kingdom. From their hometowns, they draw not only mountains and rivers, vegetation and scenery, stories of characters and folk customs, but also spirits of works from historical accumulation, regional culture and spiritual temperament, so as to maintain a blood relationship with their hometowns. Mo Yan said: In my northeast Gaomi township, at the beginning, I wrote about real people and real things, real rivers and Bridges. Later, I imagined and imagined forests, hills, deserts, rivers, mountains, and everything. Gaomi northeast township, is my spiritual hometown, the hometown of literature. Throughout the &; Jia Pingwa said: There's a word called ‘ Blood & rsquo; The place where your mother was born has had the greatest influence on you. When you come back now, you must put your village, your parents, your family, even your own most secret things into your works. & ndash; Write about things that you know best, things that have a direct life connection to you. Throughout the &;  

       The candidate cities of "The Happiest Cities in China 2020" are based on the organizing committee's ranking of the happiest Cities in China in previous years, the Report on China's Urban Competitiveness issued by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and other institutions in previous years, and the achievements of "the top 100 Counties, cities (districts) with Comprehensive Strength in 2019". Finally selected hangzhou, chengdu, guangzhou, ningbo, wenzhou, fuzhou, shenzhen, changsha, nanjing, suzhou, Qingdao, Shanghai, xuzhou, hefei, jinan, foshan, tongchuan, zhengzhou, tianjin, shenyang and other 100 ground level (or above) cities and huangpu district of guangzhou, taicang city, jiangsu province, hunan xingsha, kunshan city, jiangsu province, located in nanhai district, foshan, guangzhou tianhe district, guangzhou nansha district, hangzhou yuhang district in yinzhou district, ningbo, zhoushan, ningbo zhenhai, wenzhou lucheng, putuo district, futian district of shenzhen, chengdu salween district, foshan, shunde district, Qingdao huangdao district, jiangsu province pizhou, ordos kangbashi district, chengdu shuangliu area, wenzhou ouhai district etc 100 county-level cities (districts). As America's top diplomat, Mr Pompeo's rhetoric has drifted further and further from his duties. He is full of lies and gossips, yet he travels everywhere in an attempt to use political lies to lure other countries into uniting against China and isolating China. Pompeo has concocted a series of political lies about China that are as bizarre as they can possibly be, yet are frequent. His teammates throughout the &; In the face of the truth, Pompeo has turned into a lying Pinocchio. On August 7, the ninth plenary Session of the 10th session of the CPC Guiyang Committee was held in guiyang Conference Center. Plenary session we will conscientiously implement the provincial party committee twelve seven times all the spirit and the entire province economic work conference spirit, six months further implement the provincial party committee, the provincial government on the support your Ann's opinions on its high quality development, with a new concept of development as the lead, guiyang at Ann high quality development to conduct a comprehensive deployment, opens the guiyang expensive mixed development and high quality to develop new journey. In recent days, the spirit of the plenum has aroused strong response among the cadres and the masses in GUI 'an New Area, and it has become a hot topic to enhance the ability of sustainable development and create a new pattern of people's livelihood development. People expressed that they should conscientiously practice the idea that clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains, optimize the layout of ecological space, strengthen pollution prevention and control measures, enrich the supply of ecological products and promote the development of green industries. We need to adhere to the people-centered approach to development, effectively align poverty alleviation with rural revitalization, build a quality and balanced public service system, and improve the modernization of social governance in urban areas.  

        At the construction site of the project, Liu Tao carefully listened to the relevant report of the project leader, and understood in detail the planning and design of the project, the scale of investment, the progress, and the difficulties and problems encountered in the process of the project promotion. He stressed that the enterprise should thoroughly implement the new development concept, firmly grasp the direction of high-quality development, keep a close eye on the target to catch up with the schedule, according to the requirements of the project time node, reverse the construction period, wall chart battle, on the premise of ensuring quality and safety, accelerate the construction of the project. In the survey, Liu Tao pointed out that the construction of major projects is an important starting point for the implementation of "six stability" and the realization of "six guarantees", and all departments at all levels should firmly establish "project as the king"    The year 2020 will be the final year for the construction of the Jiaozuo City section of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project. Our city will further improve the green belt construction standards, to protect water, water to the people, to enhance the people's sense of gain, happiness and satisfaction.

         South-north water diversion project of jiaozuo city section in the construction of green belts, party secretary wang xp stressed several times, to fully mix history culture and the humanities, dig the story behind the project itself, immigration, and ecological protection, comprehensive building, hierarchical areas show good water culture and spirit of south-to-north water transfer jiaozuo, explore, protect good, universal cultural heritages and speak good story from jiaozuo, building green belts project into real showcase and memory of the great project of scenic spot. In addition to the construction of each characteristic natural landscape, the park at each node of the green belt in jiaozuo urban area of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project has also built the site landscape of the village, the restoration of ancient buildings, and the protection of the ancient trees left over from the reclamation and relocation, so as to retain nostalgia. In addition, the city in the northeast corner of the main canal of the south-to-north water diversion project in renmin road into the city to build a collection exhibition, education, culture, records, and experience in an integrated water memorial hall, in the first out of the city in the construction of south-to-north water transfer project on the first floor, combined with the echo each other at a distance of sanyo city and wenbo places, show its local literature and history, create new heights, its history and culture.  As a cultural variety show, I will wait for you at the Summer Palace highlights the creation concept of variety shows that form and culture are soul. Each program presents the profound history and culture behind each scene of the Summer Palace vividly to the audience through the guests' garden Tours and customs entry activities, as well as the extremely aesthetically pleasing dance and folk art performances. In the form of the program, "I am waiting for you in the Summer Palace" continues before & LDquo; Content innovation + derivative cultural creation; The program mode pays more attention to the extension of cultural creativity, extending from specific products to the design and upgrading of theme shops in Suzhou street. The ultimate goal is to create a fashionable entity by enabling the offline entity through ecology. Culture experience store. And punch in landmarks. In addition to attracting more young visitors to the Summer Palace, an online store will be set up on the e-commerce platform based on the shops in Suzhou Street. Sense of h type & throughout; Creative products are integrated into People's Daily life, opening up for young people. H & throughout; The door to life. In a word, the combination of senior guests and junior guests shows the human temperament which is vigorous and full of vigor and profound details, and makes visiting the park turn into ldquo with interesting breakthrough decoding. Raiders of the Lost Ark. To promote the upgrading and creation of cultural heritage with cultural and creative mode. A new landmark of youth culture. "Are the three highlights of the program.

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