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      The security of housing is the basic requirement and core index of poverty alleviation, which is directly related to the quality of the battle. Xi Jinping pointed out that "housing security is mainly guaranteed to enable poor people to live in dilapidated houses". At present, more than 700 bronzes of Shang Dynasty are collected in Chenggu and Yangxian counties of Hanzhong. These bronzes have not only the brand of Shang Dynasty bronze civilization, but also the symbols of Zhou Dynasty bronze culture, as well as the characteristics of indigenous culture, and affect Bashu and other surrounding areas. It reflects the intersection and integration of the Yellow River Basin civilization and the Yangtze River Basin civilization. In the second volume of the Chinese Chinese travel series, Zuo Tangquan, the leader of Hanzhong cultural relics and Archaeology team, fills in the blanks in the book, which tells you the background of the birth of Hanzhong bronze ware, the shape and use of bronze ware, and the casting technology and other mysteries. Zuo Tangquan, a native of Hanzhong, has been engaged in cultural relic archaeology since he graduated from university. He has participated in the rescue and cleaning of more than 100 ancient tombs and nearly 2000 cultural relics under protection. He edited 11 copies of Hanzhong cultural relics and won the special contribution award of national cultural relics census. He has published works such as "Hanzhong cultural relics and historic sites" and other works. He is also the only member of Hanzhong cultural relics appraisal committee recently released by the Provincial Bureau of cultural relics. He is now the leader of the Hanzhong archaeological team. As for Yangyang bronzes, he has accumulated rich experience in rescuing for many times. The four volumes of Chengyang, published by Sichuan Publishing Group Bashu publishing house and weighing several kilograms, was published in 2006, which aroused widespread concern in the cultural relic circles. It is appropriate for him to undertake "the dawn of civilization: a range rover of bronzes in the city". In terms of allocation, the first is to establish a daily account system for epidemic prevention and control funds, strengthen the management of funds, carry out fund scheduling in an orderly manner, and give priority to the allocation of funds for epidemic prevention and control, so as to ensure that the funds are in place in time. Second, centralized and unified management of emergency medical materials in the city, dynamic inventory of material reserves, scientific and timely replenishment of materials to front-line units through comprehensive analysis and grassroots investigation every day. At the same time, we should establish and improve the overall allocation mechanism of medical institutions to ensure that the emergency medical materials collection and allocation is strong and orderly. The third is to strictly control the secondary distribution of emergency medical materials in accordance with the autonomous region's standards for distribution of emergency medical materials, especially for the supervision and inspection of terminal distribution to ensure that materials are deployed in place. Fourth, coordinate the deployment of all kinds of emergency medical materials for front-line epidemic prevention personnel, increase the deployment and supply of masks, protective clothing, thermometer and other materials, and give priority to meet the needs of front-line epidemic prevention personnel.    

       Now, in some consumer areas, there is a hidden rule that "you can't & Times & times; & rdquo; if you don't pay attention to it.". In the public places, such as Wi-Fi, hotel ordering, shopping payment, etc., consumers often have to pay attention to the official account number of the business before they can operate and enjoy the corresponding products and services. However, this kind of transaction behavior, which is voluntary in form and compulsory in essence, is hard for many people to accept. First, the official account means allowing the other person to get personal information such as WeChat head, nickname, region and gender. It is inevitable that many people are worried about the risk of personal information leakage. Second, as more and more businesses are paying attention to, the list of mobile phone & amp; subscription numbers & amp; is getting longer and longer. Some people complain that less than half of & quot; subscription numbers & quot; are what they really want to pay attention to. It not only affects the users' reading of useful information, but also encounters the bombardment of various push advertisements. Besides, the official account can only be enjoyed by the public number. It is very inconvenient for the elderly who do not use mobile phone or micro signals, and they are suspected of consumption discrimination.   Stocks, on the day of the London stock market stocks in services stocks led, located in the rise of the top five stocks are: sports betting company GVC holding company shares rose 9.64%, international united airlines group rose 8.43%, TV operators ITV shares rose 5.84%, the Russian steelmaker EVRAZ shares rose 5.82%, information services firm Informa shares rose 5.74%. Among other major European indexes, the CAC-40 in Paris closed at 5,027.99, up 118.48 points, or 2.41 percent, from the previous session. The DAX index in Frankfurt closed at 12946.89, up 259.36 points, or 2.04 percent, from the previous session. In the breeding area, ye Jianlong also raised more than 20 rabbits, 40 chickens, 10 sheep and 3 cattle, realizing the separation of breeding area, planting area and residential area. "I can sell more than 10 rabbits this year. Each one can sell more than 100 yuan and more than 40 chickens. Each chicken can be sold for 130 yuan. I can earn about 3000 yuan by breeding alone." In recent years, ye Jianlong has done a good job in the Sanmiao project. His neighbors have followed him to learn how to grow vegetables and fruits. He will also give patient guidance. Wuman wuhashayi is a neighbor of Ye Jianlong. He usually lives in animal husbandry and doesn't often go home. Recently, I stayed at home,

         In 2013, the pilot program of comprehensive poverty alleviation reform in Longfeng Town, Enshi City, Hubei Province, was slowly launched. The local government has issued three master plans and 28 special plans for urban and rural construction, economic and social development and comprehensive land use. Guide more than 5000 households to move from remote areas with poor natural conditions to market towns, central communities or residential areas. At the same time, targeted poverty alleviation and Rural Revitalization are carried out simultaneously. Longfeng town has explored the whole area of tourism, receiving more than 40000 tourists every year, increasing the income by more than one million yuan. "Relocation and renovation of dilapidated houses are not simply for the purpose of" removing "and" building up ". The real purpose is to help the poor. We should increase the income of the people and solve the fundamental problems of being able to move, live stably and become rich." Lei Ming pointed out, "therefore, resolving the employment problem through the development of industries is an important achievement in the process of relocation." Since the beginning of this year, the largest scale poverty relief conference since the eighteen Party Congress has been launched to the whole party, the whole society and the whole society, and to investigate in Shaanxi, Shanxi and Ningxia, so as to promote the consolidation of poverty alleviation. Xi Jinping, general secretary, attached great importance to the quality and effectiveness of tackling poverty. The general secretary has set a good example and constantly deepened our understanding of the continuity and stability of poverty alleviation, inspired us to overcome difficulties with greater determination and strength, and to achieve good results, so as to ensure the overall victory of poverty alleviation. This is an extraordinary year. The impact of the novel coronavirus pneumonia and the flood in southern China since June have increased the difficulty of tackling poverty. Some poor people failed to go out to work in time, resulting in reduced income and increased pressure on housing, medical care and education expenditure; many poverty alleviation products were unsalable, poverty alleviation projects were shut down and it was difficult to resume work and production; some assistance work was affected. These situations remind all regions and departments that the poverty-stricken population has the risk of returning to poverty, and the marginal population has the risk of poverty. We must fully understand the seriousness and complexity of the current poverty alleviation work, and we must think ahead and do the work ahead.  

      Zhang Zhuang's Art Troupe was founded in the 1960s, when it was called the propaganda team for sand control in Zhangzhuang village. At that time, Zhangzhuang village was covered with sand dunes, the land was barren, and the sandstorm was rampant. It was in Zhangzhuang village that Jiao Yulu created the sand control experience of turning silt and sand and planting paulownia trees on a large scale. Finally, he dedicated his precious life to the people of Lankao. Jiao Yulu is an example of the Secretary of the county Party committee and the example of all Party members and cadres. When the general secretary came to Yan Chunguang's home, Yan Chunguang had just experienced a setback and a blow. Six years ago, Yan Chunguang gave up working outside and went back to the village because his grandmother was old and his children were young and needed to be taken care of. He borrowed tens of thousands of yuan from relatives and friends to learn how to raise chickens. As a result, he suffered from bird flu and suffered heavy losses.  "Since we settled in the village, we have effectively promoted the transformation of living environment by building good villages, good roads, good orchards, good forest belts, good courtyards and good environment." Han Jianping, the first Secretary of the Policy Research Office of the Party committee of the autonomous region in the village, said that the "two committees" and the working team of the village have organically combined poverty alleviation and beautiful rural construction, planting flowers and trees, beautifying and greening the village, and made great efforts in the appearance of the village. This year, eight departments and bureaus of our region jointly issued the "autonomous region farmland shelterbelt construction and village greening and beautification plan", focusing on the construction of farmland forest network and village greening, deeply promoted the land greening. In the first half of the year, 1104 villages carried out greening and beautification construction, and the "four sides" greening area of villages reached 82000 mu.  The Ninth Plenary Session of the 10th municipal Party committee made a comprehensive deployment on the high-quality development of Guiyang Gui'an, and stressed that it was necessary to adhere to the great breakthrough of attracting investment to promote the development of Guiyang Gui'an. Guanshanhu district will take this opportunity to increase investment attraction, make full use of land, plant and other resources, innovate investment promotion mode, and plan for long-term development. Business negotiation & amp; face-to-face & nbsp; change & amp; line connection & nbsp; and project signing & amp; face-to-face & amp; change & amp; screen to screen & nbsp; for project signing;. In order to comprehensively promote the epidemic prevention and control and the "two front" campaign of attracting investment, at the beginning of this year, guanshanhu district took an active part and took the initiative to seize time and make up losses for enterprises returning to work and production. It also made full use of network channels to actively carry out investment promotion liaison and project docking. On March 12, guanshanhu district held an online signing ceremony for key investment projects in 2020. Four projects were signed online, covering modern manufacturing, big data, agriculture and headquarters economy.

      After a period of homestead life, it has become the mainstream entertainment choice for most people. This year's Chinese drama market is growing against the trend, and has made remarkable achievements in terms of influence and word-of-mouth. Especially in the field of online drama, relevant data shows that the effective broadcast volume of online drama in the first half of 2020 will reach 89.6 billion, nearly 20% higher than last year. On the one hand, of course, it stems from the social needs of the specific background, on the other hand, it is the intuitive result of the market accumulation. From "savage growth" to "virtuous cycle", the industrialization of drama has entered a new stage, and considerable achievements have been made in the aspects of concept and practice, structure and system, process and result.  It is understood that the National Fitness Day; During the period, under the condition of strictly implementing the epidemic prevention and control measures, all localities innovated the organization form of the activities and insisted on the combination of small-scale, online and offline. The people in Baiyun District can participate in the video selection of square dance for the elderly and fitness Yangko video for the elderly on the network platform, so that it is possible for the masses to participate in the interaction without leaving the house, and the residents can also feel it; The atmosphere of National Fitness Day. The theme activities of "National Fitness Day" and "my home fitness story" were held simultaneously.   

        In order to match the content consumption demand during the epidemic period, the total number of online dramas launched by major platforms in the first half of this year has more than tripled compared with the same period last year, making it the largest online scale in recent years. Among them, there are not only new dramas that come as scheduled, but also reserve dramas that realize emergency supply after timely adjustment of editing and broadcasting strategies. The mature content production system has supported the prosperity of the online drama market. More phenomenal online dramas such as "I am yuhuanshui", "Longling Grottoes" and "secret corner" continue to attract attention, such as "quantity" and "quality"; The high-quality strategy has been recognized by the audience. From the theme and content, realism plays the leading role and responds to the pulse of the times with strength and enthusiasm. "I am Yu huanshui" focuses on the sufferings and circumstances of small people, and its absurd brushwork strengthens the reflection on the real existence and life; The popular drama "the secret corner" is both a suspense drama and a family drama. Under the dramatic tension, it touches on the issues of good and evil of human nature and youth education; while the imperfect her, which focuses on various female issues, is facing disputes such as loose structure and insufficient localization, but it generally depicts a vivid and real contemporary female student for the audience The Youth Drama "I don't want to be friends with you" by "small and beautiful" has become a black horse of word-of-mouth drama. The warm and bright growth narrative gives young audience real empathy about youth. From the data, from January to July this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 496000 and 486000, respectively, down 31.7% and 32.8% year-on-year, and the decline rate continued to narrow compared with January to June. However, if we want to achieve the sales forecast of 1.1 million vehicles, 614000 new energy vehicles need to be sold in the next five months, that is, the monthly average sales target value of 122800 vehicles.Last year, Aksu region focused on the city positioning of livable and industrial parks, and made efforts to create an ecological and livable spatial pattern. Wu Delu, a citizen of Aksu, felt deeply: "many mainland friends think that we are close to the desert, lack of water and lack of green. In fact, after years of construction, Aksu is full of green." Indeed, the construction of desert greening project in Aksu area gives the masses of all ethnic groups a real sense of gain. Duolang River scenic spot runs through the urban area. Dongcheng Park, Populus euphratica Park, fengquanhe Park, happiness Park, sports park, forest park, wetland park, etc. are echoed in the East, West, North and south. Street parks are decorated like pearls. The four City entrances and exits are surrounded by green lines, and the urban ecological environment is constantly improved.  

      "Thanks to Secretary yuan's help, the loan went smoothly." Yongqing, LV yourong's daughter-in-law, said, "this year's potato harvest, 70 tons, sold 70000 yuan. I'll sell some more cattle in a few days By the end of 2017, banyan village was lifted out of poverty ahead of schedule. The per capita annual income of villagers increased from 2600 yuan in 2015 to 10574 yuan in 2019. Yuan Guangping said, "the general secretary has said more than once that happiness comes from struggle. The changes in our banyan village have fully proved this. " "The general secretary encourages our grassroots poverty alleviation cadres and villagers to continue to roll up their sleeves and work hard together." Yuan Guangping said, "only if we do not slack off and relax, can we be worthy of the general secretary's entrustment!" At present, the college entrance examination admission is in an orderly and tense way. Some of the early batches have been accepted, some are in the process of enrollment, and some are already soliciting volunteers. At the same time, the admission notice of colleges and universities has been issued one after another. The provincial education examination institute reminds candidates to pay attention to the mailing time of college entrance examination admission notice, and to distinguish the true from the false after receiving the notice. According to the regulations of the Ministry of education, the admission notice should be sent one week after the completion of this batch of admission. August this year will be the time for the issuance and reception of advance approval, single undergraduate and undergraduate batch. Candidates should pay attention to the admission process in time, and pay attention to keep the communication smooth, especially the mobile phone and landline phone number left when filling in the application form, so that the delivery staff can deliver the goods smoothly.  Third, opening up green channels to serve the masses of all ethnic groups. On the premise of strictly carrying out epidemic prevention and control work, we will open up green channels for transport vehicles of vegetables, grain, meat, eggs and milk and other important necessities of life in the city, as well as vehicles for the elderly, children, pregnant women and the transport of patients with acute, severe and dangerous diseases. Priority should be given to inspection to ensure passage. Convenient service points are set up at each highway epidemic prevention inspection point, and emergency supplies such as Nang, bread, bottled purified water, instant noodles and basic medicines are provided to the masses of all ethnic groups in need in time. Fourth, earnestly implement the requirements of prevention and control. According to the characteristics of face-to-face contact in epidemic prevention and control of highway epidemic prevention and control points, timely distribute protective articles such as detergent free disinfectant and disinfectant alcohol to the staff. All staff should wear isolation clothes, masks, goggles and gloves before work. The waste is collected and collected in each detection point, and the environment of the detection point is killed twice a day, and the nucleic acid detection is carried out for all staff on a regular basis. This year, facing novel coronavirus pneumonia, the importance of food security is more prominent. Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that the more we face risks and challenges, the more we need to stabilize agriculture, the more we need to ensure the safety of grain and important non-staple food.


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