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      Daily communication instruction; Courses throughout the &; "Means that the tutor's guidance to students is not random and random, but to organize and purposefully design the theme and content of guidance or communication according to the growth rules of students' cognitive development, moral development and other aspects at different stages of students' learning development. According to the actual needs, colleges and universities should also stipulate a clear period stipulation in the teaching plan and bring it into the system scope of course evaluation. For colleges and universities, it is necessary to regard teaching and education as the core content of postgraduate tutor evaluation, highlight educational and teaching performance, establish assessment and incentive mechanism conducive to stimulating tutors' teaching enthusiasm and initiative, and at the same time improve the system of scientific and educational collaborative education. For tutors, it is necessary not only to strengthen the scientific research guidance for postgraduates, but also to improve the teaching ability, course quality and educational quality, guide postgraduates to cultivate the quality of scholars in the integration of study and research, and enhance the academic grade in the complementarity between innovation and education. (try out) > and < civil servants employed medical operation manual (try out) > announcement concerning the content (people club department is sent [2016] no. 140), "about print and distribute < > notification" (people club department is sent [2010] no. 82), "about further to do a good job of civil service examinations check-up notice (people club department is sent [2012] no. 65)," about the printing < civil servants employed medical operation manual (try out) > announcement concerning the revised content (people club department is sent [2013] no. 58) and other relevant provisions. The examinee should pay attention to rest the day before the physical examination, do not stay up late, do not drink alcohol, avoid strenuous exercise, and do not eat or drink before the examination on the same day, keep an empty stomach.  The original copies of academic certificate, academic degree certificate, IDENTITY card, professional and technical qualification certificate and professional qualification certificate shall be verified for on-site registration; Verify the originals of registration by post and online prior to interview. Registration personnel should be responsible for the authenticity of the submitted materials, all fraud, once verified, that is, to cancel the examination qualification or employment qualification. The district Public recruitment Office organizes the leaders of relevant units and professional and technical personnel to form the assessment group, and evaluates the applicants who pass the qualification examination. Based on the educational background, work experience, rewards and punishment, honesty and self-discipline of the applicants, combined with the requirements of the advertised positions, the grading system is adopted to evaluate the suitability of personnel and posts. According to the evaluation situation, the candidates will be selected for the interview, and the district public recruitment office will inform the interview time and place. People from poor families who set up registration CARDS and those who enjoy minimum living allowances can enjoy the policy of reducing or exempting examination fees. By inputting tent card from poor families to enter oneself for an examination personnel with its home county (area, city) poverty relief office (department) issued by the file CARDS, the material such as manual (original and photocopy), enjoy the lowest life to ensure family enter oneself for an examination personnel with low guarantee (original and photocopy) or its home county (area, city) enjoy the lowest life guarantee certificate issued by the civil affairs department of deal with formalities of derate exam charge when signing up. The examination content of "Professional test" includes basic medical and health knowledge, relevant professional knowledge, etc. Written test contents for non-clinical medicine posts: public Knowledge test only.

          The strategic policy, the whole hospital cadres and staff cohesion, play their own advantages, the rapid development of business. Medical technology, medical quality, service capacity, science and education level, hospital management and other aspects have made great progress, to reach the service capacity of the tertiary general hospital, has become a regional dominant position and influence of the general hospital.

       Those who practice fraud will be disqualified once verified. Unless otherwise stated in this announcement or otherwise provided by the state or province, the authenticity of the information shall be subject to the actual situation at the time of registration. The qualifications of candidates for the interview will be reviewed before the interview. Each person can only choose one position to apply for. After the qualification is passed, the registration information shall not be changed. Those who fail to pass the preliminary examination of qualifications may, during the registration period, apply for other positions that meet the qualifications. Applicants must use the valid second generation RESIDENT IDENTITY card to register. The registration and the identity card used in the examination must be the same. The written test. The written test mainly examines the political theory, the discipline specialized knowledge and the comprehensive application ability. New era politics theoretical study mainly examines the candidate jinping the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the latest theoretical achievements of the spirit of national conference on education, discipline knowledge and comprehensive ability to use to test the candidate related discipline knowledge and education teaching analysis and design ability is given priority to, give attention to both campuses stage the professional knowledge of the subject being taught. The skill subject mainly examines the relevant subject knowledge and the corresponding skill test of the applicant, and gives consideration to the ability of educational teaching analysis and design. Applicants can only choose one position. After the registration application is submitted, the online registration system will give a random feedback of the registration number. The registration number is an important basis for the registration personnel to inquire the qualification examination results, pay the fees online, print the admission ticket and inquire the scores, etc., which must be remembered and properly preserved. 3. Qualification preliminary examination. Qualification assessors shall conduct online preliminary examination one by one of the relevant information of the applicants in a timely manner and put forward preliminary examination opinions. Sign up personnel to log in puyang city during the registration of personnel examination network, whether to inquire through the qualification first examination. If there is any objection to the opinion of the first instance, it shall contact the examining unit in time. If the application materials are incomplete or the electronic photos do not meet the requirements, the application materials should be supplemented or replaced as required and submitted within the registration period.   

      The employment Recommendation Form for fresh graduates of full-time full-time institutions of higher learning may be used as proof of the professional research direction if it indicates the professional research direction. Study abroad personnel shall entrust the yantai foreign affairs translation center, respectively, introduced the courses, graduate thesis, professional or to prove that the research direction of information on foreign language translation and affix a seal, as the Chinese citizens among the Hong Kong and Macao residents to apply for, also need to provide the Hong Kong and Macao residents with the mainland pass. If Taiwan residents apply for the job, they should also provide "Taiwan Residents travel Permit to and from the Mainland". For political and engineering purposes, correspondence shall be based on the local postmark. Failure to submit relevant materials or certificates within the specified time shall be deemed as a waiver. After the examination does not have the entry conditions to cancel its examination qualification, qualification examination through the personnel on the spot to get the interview admission ticket, and join the designated WeChat group, the interview, the signing of the relevant notice will be released in the WeChat group.  Below age, bachelor degree or above (including bachelor degree); Age requirements may be relaxed for those who hold the corresponding teacher qualification certificate of the corresponding major, have personal expertise and outstanding work experience; Good health, optimistic and positive, hard-working, innovative, good learning ability and team work spirit, with work experience as a head teacher or college entrance examination preparation experience is preferred.  

         The quality of talent cultivation is directly related to whether the mentor has the consciousness of continuously tracking cutting-edge issues. Besides self-consciousness, the continuous struggle of the tutor is more important to have systems and mechanisms to urge and promote him/her to stand in the forefront of knowledge. In the process of selection and appointment, the ability and tendency of tutors to keep track of frontier problems were investigated. Continue to carry out mentor training, training for the development of the mentor team at all stages, and expand the channels for the mentor to master the forefront of the discipline; Dynamic adjustment of the tutor team, linked to the admission qualification, so that the tutor team has mobility, so as to ensure that the tutor team has continuous enthusiasm and creativity.   

      He has a research background in materials science, biology, tissue engineering and other fields, and has rich experience in interdisciplinary research. A lot of work has been done in gradient materials, self-healing hydrogels, composite hydrogels, conductive gels and so on. The conductive gel has been successfully transformed. Requirements for the team: associate professor (or equivalent position) or above in overseas famous universities, research institutes, or senior position talents in domestic first-class universities and research institutes, and senior R&D talents in international and domestic famous enterprises. In principle, it shall not exceed the requirements of (ii) materials: the copies or originals of the personal resume, graduation certificate, degree certificate, thesis, achievements and other relevant certification materials shall be submitted. Space applications, Chinese Academy of Sciences, engineering and technology center (hereinafter referred to as the space application centre) is the center of the China manned space engineering operation and management support a supporting institution, for China's manned space engineering technology ZhuaZong, research management, application management and promotion in advance, data management, international cooperation, science, and public welfare station operation management planning, application mission planning and evaluation of project appraisal, development of manned space engineering science, technology and management comprehensive support. At the same time, the Space Application Center, as the overall unit of the space application system of manned space engineering, is responsible for the organization and management of the development of the manned space engineering application system, system design, integration, testing, reliability guarantee, in-orbit payload control management and data service and other system technical support and support. After summing up the problem and deciding the direction, I comforted myself not to be flustered and rushed to success. All kinds of recruitment exams have been postponed in the face of the epidemic, so it will give me more time to improve and improve myself. Therefore, I buried my head and adjusted my attitude. While preparing for my graduation thesis, I also improved my job-hunting skills and working ability. Every day reading, writing reading notes, revising papers, practicing calligraphy has become the main content of life, this time is boring but reassuring. On the way to the examination, the public examination, I this "calf" is also everywhere hit a wall. As a manic person, I always made some frustrating mistakes, such as not knowing the conditions of registration, not submitting all the materials, not sealing the official seal, missing the time of registration or qualification review. The frustration of seeing the opportunity slip away from my hands made me sink into the deep remorse. So I will read the announcement every day important information and notes are copied down, so as not to miss the opportunity again. In the latest test application, I will control all of the material preparation is complete, all confirm cover official seal, or even make a phone call to the relevant personnel to consult a dozen times to confirm my application is successful, but even so carefully, I still failed to pass the qualification of the first round of screening, in the face of failure this time but I detachment many, because I am ready to go all out, at least in the face of the opportunity, I don't slack off, but actively, I see your change, will see the hope. 

      Without the slightest precaution, I was laid off by the school." "Downsizing" is a word That, for my dignity, I don't dare tell my family and friends, because when someone is downsizing, it sounds like a loser, and it's in my bones that I never want to be a loser or admit to being one. I still remember last December when I was writing the year-end summary, I sincerely wrote that I would continue to work hard and make contributions to the development of the school next year. January 2020 will make all the visions and plans I wrote about last December sound like empty words. With the coVID-19 outbreak coming, we cannot start work or study. After waiting at home for more than a month, many people are risking their lives to earn money by going out to work. Only I stayed at home to take online classes. My neighbors all admired me for having a good job, not only in summer and winter vacations, but also in working at home during the epidemic. They all said that they would let their children study well and read more books, so that they could go to college and have a good job like me in the future. I also feel smug, think my life is ok.   

      When I heard it, it just seemed to make sense. Now, that's the way it is. For example, when I was laid off this time, I could not complain about the abnormal condition of the unit, nor could I say that a certain leader was not good enough. I could only say that I was chosen because I was not good enough. Just think, if I was good enough, I would have been admitted to a doctor and jumped to a better unit. If I'm good enough, I can tolerate not speaking up even if the leader doesn't agree with my values... If, if, but no if. After I was laid off, I started looking for work again. I would be frustrated when I didn't hear from my resume, and happy when I received an interview. I sent resumes and interviewed everywhere like a fresh graduate. I even joked to people: Look at me, after half my life, I'm still a graduate. Some people listened to me laugh at myself and praised me for my talent. And I'm telling you the truth. There are so many people interviewing for every job, no matter how insignificant. B: Yes, talent is what China needs most. In the face of fierce competition, I regret that I did not think of danger in peace of mind in earlier years, and improve my ability in all aspects more. (2) Investigation. Personnel Department and Sports College organize the inspection of the qualified personnel, mainly investigating the political quality, moral quality, professional ability, work achievements, etc. 1. Applicants should have a bachelor's degree or above, complete certificates (graduation certificate, degree certificate, teacher qualification certificate, Putonghua certificate), and professional counterparts; Graduation class work experience or shenzhen high school examination work experience is preferred. Applicants meeting the above conditions to all kinds of certificates, certificates and copies of the original materials (graduation certificate, degree certificate, teacher qualification certificate, professional title certificate, Putonghua certificate, computer certificate, award certificate) and other materials to the school interview. According to the demand of faculty construction and the principle of "openness, equality, competition and meritocracy", Chengdu Vocational College of Agricultural Science and Technology plans to recruit 10 full-time teachers and 3 political counselors. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: Party member; Under 30 years of age; Healthy, capable and virtuous, willing to contribute, devoted to teaching and educating, and loving the ideological and political education of college students; Have strong organization and management ability and language and writing ability, familiar with office automation system and new media technology; Good physical and mental quality, have the spirit of hard work, can long-term adhere to the student apartment, as the school department or above student cadres are preferred;


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